Primary Pumpkin resurfacer

A nutritious smoothie for you skin, combining our favourite , glycolic , lactic and salicyic acids to ensure you skin is exfoliated and deeply hydrated.

With a unique blend of pumpkin pulp, a form of vitamin a this facial will remove dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful complexion.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves overall skin tone and texture
  • Hydrating and boosts radiance
  • Improves sun damage
  • Effectively exfoliates and hydrates
  • Subdues persistent acne conditions

Who is this for?

Suitable for congested, acne-prone and sun damage skin.

Preventative treatment for dull, uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles or scaring.

Suitable for all skin type.

Why its important skin preparation?

  • Evens out and reduces the Stratum Corneum thickness
  • Increases hydration level
  • Limits skin reaction during treatment
  • Less risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and erythema
  • Reduce healing time
  • Better, longer lasting results

Required skin preparation : Available in Starter Kit £76

Is there any downtime?

Your skin may ush pink with a slight redness which could last for a couple of hours.

After a couple of days your skin could start to feel dry due to the epidermal water loss.

You may experience a light skin peeling, with akes of skin rather than larger sheets of skin.

Your skin should be back to normal 3-4 days after the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of 6 treatments, with 1 treatment every 2 weeks.

Will it hurt?

When the Primary/Power Pumpkin Resurfacer is applied, your skin will start to feel warm.

This will gradually increase for the rst 4-6 minutes, before settling.

Your skin will ush with a slight redness all over, this is a completely normal response.

Key Ingredients

  • 40% Pumpkin pulp
  • 3% Glycolic acid
  • 3% Lactic acid
  • 2% sakicyic acid
  • Orange plant stem cell


• Keep the skin hydrated and protected with an SPF30
• Avoid sweating, exercising, hot baths or showers, scrubbing, picking or rubbing, which could lead to scarring
• Avoid sun exposure
• Avoid the use of active skincare containing AHA, BHA, Retinol, Benzoyl Peroxide